My Dark Skin

I love my dark skin

My dark….dark skin

I embrace every inch of melanin that I possess

For my dark skin is that of a goddess

My dark skin, it layers…. intelligence

Strength, love, power

And those words that a person with such hatred of my dark skin

can never be defined


You cannot tell me that MY dark skin is too dark, ugly

…. Or violent

For when you embrace my dark skin,

You see the sweet magic that it holds,

The sinew at every glance

The confident aroma from every cell as I walk by

Head up….higher than the stars that you aim to reach


You see?

My dark skin is powerful

I do not beg for you to accept what I own

Tear me down, throw your shade, shoot bullets at me

Physically and emotionally

But my dark skin….

My dark….sweet skin

It has a voice….

It speaks louder than your hatred

And I love every inch of it


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