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She wasn’t a pearl, Smooth, soft like satin. She never tried to be anything but what She was, and that was what made Her just as alluring.   She wasn’t a liar. She would always tell you
In the Gloaming, oh my Darling Did we dance beside the River? In the Gloaming, oh my Darling, It seemed to last forever.   In the Gloaming, my Darling How was I to know?
It's the little things that plague my mind.   Like the way your eyes crinkle when you smile or the way you laugh after a bad joke.   The way your hand fit perfectly in mine
The salt stings my eyes, As tears blur my vision. But I refuse to let them fall.   The skin on my palms now covered wih little crescent moons,  As the fear of losing you becomes real
The salt stings my eyes, As tears blur my vision. But I refuse to let them fall.   The skin on my palms now covered wih little crescent moons,  As the fear of losing you becomes real
i will never wish for you to come back. or even to visit. i will only spare my love and all good energy, but keep it at a distance.  
Life is so unsettled Oftimes it is this way Goodbyes are the hardest Of things we have to say - And as we get older Our love ones gather near Goodbyes become harder But time together dear
Flower child: child of a flower child and you've let your thorns grow wild and I want to know why   Flower child, was it something that I said? Know that I wish I were dead
Dear Dad,   Sometimes I wish I never met you. 1,000 miles used to be the only distance,  But now we're quite through. And yet, I still think about your existence.
Quietness swept the nation. The only noise that could be heard was a small ringing sound. No one talked. And no one cried. They just walked.
No to the DBQs. No to the dialecticals. No to the derivatives. No more.   No to the research projects, the industrial revolution, and activation energies. No more.  
In the cold, dead of winter night, through the highest maple branches, on the wind whistling through the air, rides a song full of tears.   Cries of the innocent, the guilties fears,
Do you remember that night? When you and I lay on that couch, That couch with stains from different nights, And you said you’d never live my side, Come rain come shine?  
With heavy feet, I treadForcing myself to my bedI lay on my backBreath in and outAttempting not to focus on what I lack
In my dream, My friend knew his time was coming. This 26 year old young man He had just visited the hospital for a checkup And the doctor had diagnosed him with a disease
So many people going away. So many people going separate ways. Long friends, having to make amends. Great memories; Now having to say goodbye. Trying to stay strong and not cry.
theres no good in good byes simply say hello, strong feelings can become shallow while most hold on ot let go, bewitherd in its silence, the silence begins to echo,
If I knew...
oh, purest of unities:
Wake me up 
Painful infatuation    The only escape is    Transcendence of the human situation   Finding love, illusory promises of elation  
I hate it so,
I know this may be hard for you It will be for me, too 
and it doesn’t seem to ever close up until the next person  or new group of kids
She is ready to start over  Ready for a new day
I reach into the shadows and my hand touches your face, Every single line of yours my fingers pretend to trace, I wonder - could this torture last forever? My love, I'm seeking you in shadows,
4:15 on the E train.Say your final goodbyesHe saysTell everyone you love
The best memories we have, are the ones we've made here, they've helped us live life, and we need to keep them near.
Cool autumn day spent Sun setting Sick with regret. Disintegrating will In overwhelming quiet   Departure inevitable Pressing together Embracing the future, skeptical
My Hero (first and last line provided by Bradley Quick)   And no matter how much I tried, the blood dripped down…
there was a time when i sat in her kitchen. i ate cookie dough straight out of the bowl. and She did too i explored every topic of conversation. and at the end of the night,
remember when I first said hi? we were smiling in a stinky middle school band room, a layer of spit over the carpet and our words   because first hellos are never sincere.
Sure, there's tons of things in life that aren't fair,Like no one being equal, despite what everyone "fights" for,
I. You write him a postcard. "I don't know how to tell you but I'm finally letting go," it says. The postcard is from Paris and when you finish writing it, you slide it back into the drawer with all the other words you never said.
Saying goodbye is never easyIt always comes sooner than we intendThey make our insides uneasyBecause we don't know when the missing will stop and decend
Here I sit on this white chair, Watching my friends just be themselves; Wondering when I'll see them again;
The last glance is always the heaviest. Even though you'd stared at the concrete front steps thousands of times as you stepped your feet up them one, two, three.
We have had memories , in this garden now it is time for me to erase and start all over again from this day on, I'm just a visitor, just visiting.   it wasn't a perfect one,
A cry for help seems to come from deep inside of me. What am I supposed to do, what am I supposed to be? Time is running out and I'll be running all around. Fitting in my time before you lift up off the ground. You are leaving and not coming back,
In a blink of an eye,you never know when to expect a goodbye.It's amazing how people come and go,as winter ends and flowers begin to grow.We're never prepared for when someone walks away,
  He wasn’t the first, and wouldn’t be the last. Once again I put my heart on the line. I didn’t think about what you would go through, I wanted him, I needed him.   Within two weeks I was alone again,
I wonder what it takes to see, Into and through what i know is me. How could i be so reckless, Be so willing to be insecure and not end this? Is it possible to act the part but not fake the smile?
A bird taking flight Is what I will feel A string on me tightly None to my appeal My thoughts blow me away From true friends to miss I feel I’m halfway Gone from the great kiss
Good luck at college My friends you will always be May life bring you smile
Alas, Hear the stars that twinkle above me And hasten the moon to sing And glide o'er the branded sky Such sweet sorrow and endless abyss as never seen And awaken me dawn!
You left me to chase the girl you believed was super cool. Too bad you were wrong and she made you the fool. Then you were desperate and went for the girl who was easy, Only to be used and forever deemed sleazy.
(poems go here) We weren’t really sure what to pick for our project at first. After going over the list of topics we decided to go with security on the border.
Linda, I know everything’s going really fast! Just don’t worry about the past, the future’s going to be a blast! Congratulations on graduating! Now it’s time to do some navigating.
Love is like a sunset, the bittersweet moments of when the sun says goodbye to the world It’s how the colors of the sky turn with it’s benevolence Like your heart when that beau caught your eyes dream-world
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