Not Fair And Too Early?


Sure, there's tons of things in life that aren't fair,
Like no one being equal, despite what everyone "fights" for,
Or someone having a shorter life than the person sitting next to them,
And how would either person ever know?


Some things in life make sense, and are easier to understand,
But why would you put someone down?
Why would you purposely hurt someone?
Just because of whom they choose to like?


Sometimes the most unfair thing in life is time.
Sure, some won't realize how unfair time is until it's too late,
To others, it'll hit them like a brick wall that just fell from the sky.
One day you're there, one day you're gone, forever.


What if you never got to say goodbye?
What if there were so many things you wanted to tell them, and now never can?
Now you'll never know how they felt about those last moments,
Or even if it was intentional.


When you're there one day, and gone the next,
How will it affect your friends?
How will it affect your family?
How will it affect your teachers?
And you thought no one cared?


As I saw your car drive away on the twenty-fifth of June,
Had I known that was the last time I’d ever see you,
Would I have done things differently?
Most definitely.
I would’ve hugged you, I would’ve told you how much you meant to me,
I would’ve told you that I was worried and that I think you need help.


Maybe I would've even taken the first step and went with you to get help,
We each had our own problems,
And now that you've gone, I'm left with more than before,
And you're finally at peace.


Peace, is that what comes after death?
Hell? Nothing?
Who will ever know how it happened?
No one.
Who will ever feel relief?
No one.


I know hurting so many people wasn’t your intention,
But what was?
If you would've listened to your parents those few times,
would things be different?
Would I not be writing this about you?
Would you still be here?

An accident?
Most definitely.
Or was this all a plan?
I like to think it wasn’t.


Well, let me as a question,
Was it worth it?
I know how you felt about not fitting in because of who you liked,
Did you do everything you did to try to fit in?
Or did you do it to get back at your parents for some reason?
Why are there so many missing pieces?
Is this how you wanted everything to be?


Had I known I'd never see you again,
What would I have done differently?
One simple word,


Why is time the most unfair thing in life, you may ask?
You never know when someone's clock is going to run out,
You never know when someone’s going to take their last breath,
You never know when someone’s going to say their last goodbye,
And what is more unfair than that?


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