New Beginning With No End

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 13:55 -- CarJRal

Saying goodbye is never easy

It always comes sooner than we intend

They make our insides uneasy

Because we don't know when the missing will stop and decend

When it's done we will think back

To the times where nothing had yet changed

We were together all the time like a bulletin and tack

When we were best friends and could never be estranged

But we always knew this time would come

When our lived would change and not be one

We knew that  those eighteen years of our lives were just a crumb

But also reliazed our friendship could never be outdone

And soon the time will come when we go our seperate ways

Different colleges, new lives, and it is now just the start

But forever we will be best friends at heart


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