This Is the Right Place

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 18:19 -- aspenmc

The best memories we have, are the ones we've made here, they've helped us live life, and we need to keep them near.

We had a lot of different houses, that we grew up in, for this place we've learned to love, and it has come to be our best friend.

We have great times together, especially at the lake, from learning how to cast our poles, to attaching our own bait.

We built a fire pit in our backyard, and made a special fort, we even tried growing a garden in our yard, and playing basketball in our driveway like our own special court.

We took pictures of great times, like when Myrissa did her Michael Jackson dance, or like the time Myrissa was in the paper, standing in her basketball stance.

We shared some great times together, like when Peyton's voice started cracking, he tried talking less than normal, but when he did talk we couldn't stop laughing.

We had great laughs together, like the time Lexie farted on the vent, we all laughed until we cried, even though it left an unpleasant scent.

We had a lot of jokes together, like when Brayden dressed up as a girl, he did a reinactment of Rolonda, and all he was missing was the curls.

We have family sayings together, like the time Kaliyah said "sick-o-Jennacie", she started saying that about different things, and now we say it about anything.

We teased each other togther, like the time I asked about the flag on the moon, or like the time I flew over my handle bars, and got a lot of little wounds.

We alll share our love together, like when Dad and Mom give us shelter, they let us know, that this is our home, and it's the greatest place we know.

You see, all the times we've spent together, are the best times that we know, they were made for us, to share our love, they were meant to stay not go.


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