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He was an English actor and Gina Sellers was his spouse.He guest-starred in "The Avengers" and "Bless This House".He was a very talented man and he starred in some hits.
  And then everyone stayed home everything got closed even mosque or dome they prayed, and mediated
tock continues to tick and takes this train hostage; loops, speeds, nearly tips the conductor hangs with one hand  Gripping the footplate for dear life, 
I look at that first twinkling star. Remember when we looked at them through your bedroom window? I make the same wish: soon, we won’t be this far.  
Something bad has happened, we've lost Dawn Wells.Her friends and family must be going through Hell.When we lose such a talented person, it's hard to understand.For a few years she starred on "Gilligan's Island" as Mary Ann.
2020 is about to end, this is the last day of the year.During the last 366 days, there has been much fear.Many people have suffered because of Covid-19.People have perished but now we have a vaccine.
Covid won't get us, we live all the way in Alaska. They've shut down travel. There won't be a battle.   We’ll be back in school before you know it,
We are living in a time of despair. Where hatred and sadness dwell within every human soul. We are living in a time of despair, where the days are long and we feel they will never end.
Graduation day is coming here, And so now is your high school career. Always remember the friends you hold dear, And look toward your future with no fear.
Covid-19OutbreakContagious, infectious,Breaking, prowling, taking,It’s terrifying the world.Pandemonium
For All of Us All of us Not just one of us But each of us. Is but a tiny droplet on the face of this world.
For All of Us All of us Not just one of us But each of us. Is but a tiny droplet on the face of this world.
DREAM RHYME   Thinking of her Out of the blue Wondering where she is What she's about to do ....   I stop my work drop my pen My mind wanders to a time when ....
MY NATURAL HIGH   She's my natural high My red carpet ride To another world Alone with me ....   The wind       that ruffles her hair And the rain
I'M HERE   Your eyes your lips fill my thoughts today....   We talk We sway Don’t look away....   I’m here And there are no lies
YOU SAY   You say ... only time will tell.  I say ... I want to hear your heart's bell.  I don’t need you.   But my heart wants to.   My soul does not need you. 
VULNERABILITY    It’s a marvelous sight  to open the curtain and give the stage to vulnerability  with her sweet rage  she's the sister of love  so free
ARTS GARAGE     I loved each moment   At Arts Garage   A blues music barrage   Then walking the street at large...        Your touch   Your smile   And for a little while  
LAY WITH LOVE   All I want to do Is make love to you With poetryWith musicAnd a caress or two  That boils your heart   A dreamy kiss  That melts like butter in sun
IT FLOWS THROUGH ME  The rising sun kisses the day  The breeze flows to me  It has something to say ....   It ruffles my hair I wonder what is to be What we will discover
SHOOTING STAR   Shooting star Yet so farDancing on       the ocean breezeSoundless musicPlays on      let it burn with ease That's what it does.... 
THE MUSIC OF MY HEART   I heard the kiss you blew my way.  It brought me to you.  This lover's play ...   All through the morning rain I gaze and say. 
JULY 12   Twenty weeks ago In a boat on a floating cloud With marmalade trees and Milky Way skies Nothing but real allowedOnly natural highs....  
They announced the first case of COVID-19. It won’t affect me for I’m a teen, I’m ok. My body’s young, immunity strong I never stay sick for long.  
Yes, it was me, I survived that time,
A sick animal Chimpanzee stays away from Darkness avoided
I live in a world where you turn your head away from fatal flaws like a moth turns to the light distracted from everything else. senses demobilized. I live in a world where the media decides what's important.
I live in a world where you turn your head away from fatal flaws like a moth turns to the light distracted from everything else. senses demobilized. I live in a world where the media decides what's important.
A new urge to resist and our desirable temptation, a world of many complections and complications.
We are not heroes.  We are just people,  trying to survive.  You and I,  are not equals.  You work from home while I...  I work to ensure that I get to keep mine. 
Hi Friend,Or, uh. . .  Maybe friend. I only say Maybe Because it has been 52 days since I saw You last.
Alone, in silence,  trapped within my cognitive prison. Lack of inspiration.  I want to start a movement,  but the world just stopped. 
La Rona La Rona  La Rona Why must you blind us so Why must you discourage us so Why must you sadden us so
I’ll never see my parents if they hug too many people, and I’ll never see my friends if they are crowded by a steeple, and I’ll never see my lovers if they die before I meet ‘em,
It began with wings, leathery skin of a night dweller. Hiding in plain sight under the veil of darkness. It could not live nor die, it only was. Coated in toxicity and bathed in the very blood that worshiped it.
the people are protesting some michigan fool carried a  confederate flag in the street (doesn't he know it isn't his flag that is the flag of  my people we bled under that
You walk into the giant corporation of a store, having waited in that line for about twenty minutes. It’s just another Tuesday. 
Today has made me feel very dark For the last month it gets dark and adds a pain to my heart I don’t miss the school or the stupid fools in it  But I miss the time away from home 
One virus Two latex gloves Three thousand confirmed cases For what reason? Five years on job, lost  Six feet apart at all times Seven weeks at home Eight-teenth birthday: isolation celebration
Its 7 o'clock time to hit snooze Sleep of the hours, what do we loose  The time The money The help from our friends Im safe here at home but my wits are on ends Started away but now in my county 
The rules of social distancing: -Remain six to eight feet apart -No large crowds -No touching But we're only human. Police patrolling the streets, arresting those who break these new rules.
It is crazy how we live in a world where we do not try to make a change until a life or death situation is staring us in the face. Until we have to be six feet to save the human
"social distancing" No more dog walks at the park Drive-thru or take-out Grocery shopping More time spent with family Increased TV time
Corona virus, corona virus, corona virus. Your name resonating from my voice is making me nervous. Why? Because you're contagious, dangerous and disastrous. In the mouth of many your name is like a chorus.
I like my room, complete with all my tech; I leave the house only to take a little trek. My role in the family is basically errand guy I’m the designated shopper, ready on stand-by.
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