Covid in Anchorage

Covid won't get us, we live all the way in Alaska.

They've shut down travel.

There won't be a battle.


We’ll be back in school before you know it,

Was the lie that ASD spit, when they later postponed it.


Goodbye school, goodbye friends, goodbye soccer, and all my plans.

Covid, will you please just leave. You have no fans and it's getting harder to sleep.


I feel isolated enough living in Alaska,

Too far up north with no close contact.


Now we're in quarantine, abandoned, forgotten.

Nobody cares just trapped in the house to rotten.


I go for runs and I can't even say hi

To my neighbors that I'm passing by.


They scurry to the other side of the street,

Far, far away so that our breaths will never meet.


I feel as if I'm a living disease

That will kill them if I simply sneeze.


The seniors last year complained that they had it worse.

No graduation, no prom, no senior sports. What a curse!


But the class of 2021 is staring at a screen.

Disconnected from everyone, wondering if I'm still a human being.


Health is more important than human interaction,

Is an idea we all agreed upon without a question.


They call me rebellious if I say hi to a friend,

Or selfish if I complain about this time we’re living in.


But I don't think living is the right word.

More like following the government, like sheep part of a herd.


All smiles should be covered by masks

And handshakes are a forbidden task.


Oh how much I would give for a kiss or a hug,

Just a little sign of comfort and love.


Now I just have one question that I haven't been able to rid;

What's the point of being healthy, if I can't even live?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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