I like my room, complete with all my tech;

I leave the house only to take a little trek.

My role in the family is basically errand guy

I’m the designated shopper, ready on stand-by.


Ramen is easy, there’s plenty of food, and Mom leaves PBJs.

Reading, gaming, and on-line classes make up these quarantine days.

Comfort, safety, privacy, and food

Would normally suffice for an ordinary dude.


They stay in, and I go out.

Communication is text, call or shout.

Things are worse, so I wear a mask,

Because I’m the guy with the shopping task.


There is a huge downside, are you not surprised?

Worst thing is, my Dad is immunocompromised.

I can’t hug him, because I must stay away!

COVID-19 is my enemy, I say.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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