Hi Friend,

Hi Friend,

Or, uh. . . 

Maybe friend.

I only say


Because it has been

52 days since I saw

You last.

52 days since I

Saw your smile.

Unless you count

The occasional 

Zoom call for 

Seminary. But 

You don’t see me 

On those and it’s

Not like we talk

During those

Anyway. If you 

Do count those

It’s been 27 days.


I miss you, man. 

In a friend (and

Totally not creepy)

Way. Did that make

It more creepy?

I’m bored.

I thought writing 

To you might help

Cure my boredom.

So far, it’s working.

Just thinking about 

You makes me less

Bored. Um, that

Came out wrong.

I promise I don’t

Do and say things like 

That in real life but 

We won’t see each other 

For months anyway 

So it’s more acceptable 

To say these things right?


To tell people the

Things you . . . and 

Now I’m rambling.

Look at that Mike,

I’ve become a rambler.


And I called you Mike.


Okay, gonna go die

In a hole now. Don’t

Worry. It’ll be a 

Very nice hole, a

Very deep hole, a

Very sturdy hole.


I mean, not that 

It even matter to 

You the quality of 

Hole I die in. Gah.

Am I making this worse?

On that (very awkward) 

Note, I will stop now.

Goodbye friend,

Maybe friend.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Literally in each word I related. Great job!

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