Twenty weeks ago 
In a boat on a floating cloud 
With marmalade trees and Milky Way skies

Nothing but real allowed
Only natural highs....


Plastic flowers of black and white
In a cloud over my head 
She appeared in flight 
With sun filled eyes

Wanting to know the whys....


But I sang to her instead

She wondered softly 
      then fled

Where did she go
Did I make it snow
Did she even know
Did she see the marmalade trees 
      and Milky Way skies 

Or is her heart beating to past lies....

It was twenty weeks ago 

On a Wednesday 

When loves tango
Began to play....


On that day

Awoke from bed

Shook my head 
Read the news anyway....


Everyone singing out of tune
Acting like a loon 
Just getting by

And getting high

On the words of the press

I just sigh 
At their song of distress

Wondered what is hid

Behind this COVID....


That was twenty weeks ago

On the twelfth of February.... 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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