Letter To Corona Virus..

Corona virus, corona virus, corona virus.
Your name resonating from my voice is making me nervous.
Why? Because you're contagious, dangerous and disastrous.
In the mouth of many your name is like a chorus.
We know your plan is to destroy us.
But No! we'll fight by hand washing with soap and water, we'll fight by using facemask and gloves because you are poisonous
When one is sick he definitely needs to report to the nearest health center, and stay indoors

Corona, you're most known for your cough, sore throat, difficult breathing and your high fever that makes one shiver

COVID-19 we'll fight you even if it means using the U S Marines.
You think you are tough?
By God's Grace we'll manufacture your vaccine
You were endemic, you graduated into an epidemic and now you are in more than 100 countries which means you pandemic.
Oh my goodness! In the minds of many you have created a panic, Corona why are you so satanic?
We really don't need you Mr virus
In our world already we have too many things on our focus,
Like hunger, poverty, inequality, etc
You have caused us too many pains and you're still pouring heavily like acid rain
We are humans, we're not defeated by Ebola or Influenza so you Mr Corona virus we will surely contain and conquer

This poem is about: 
Our world


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