It’s a marvelous sight 

to open the curtain

and give the stage

to vulnerability 

with her sweet rage 

she's the sister of love 

so free

without fear 

she looks so dear

but wicked is she 

that's vulnerability you see.... 


Complex and beautiful 

so pure

so naive

she's wicked to me

has disdain for my new love

and commands the stage with a shove 

for all to see

she’s my vulnerability

the angel of my insecurity

weaving her web of doubt

on the stage of the play

called love .... 


It is said that

all beautiful feelings give you joy

then why not the wicked beauty 

of vulnerability 

where does she stand 

who is this vixen of abandon? .... 


She strips you naked 

and leaves you standing 

senselessly alive but wanting

feeling like you can't find home 

thirsty to write another love poem ....


So spontaneous and so intense

she uses the contrived to make sense

so deliberate is her contempt of charm 

she fools you to think she means no harm ....


Only to choke your heart

and make you weak

breaks down your wall 

leaves you defenseless and meek

stripped of your sword

standing on stage like a dangling cord 

she's in control

has no soul

she is love's vulnerability .... 


What good is it?

why does she exist?

where is her beauty?

tell me, I insist! ....


Why did it come my way 

when love came to stay

only to strip me bare

with bitter enmity

that's my vulnerability .... 


Wicked is she

to kiss my heart

with poems of love 

then slap me down

with humbling candor 

like the bull and its matador

that's my vulnerability .... 


I’m unable to defend myself

naked and standing alone

exposed to the heat of day

she strikes without notice

and rips me apart

my wounds bleed tears

that go unattended

alone with my vulnerability

I'm emotionally suspended ....



my sweet angel of time  

you’re my Venus

you heal all things

come to me and cut these strings 

put this vixen behind her door

to humble me senselessly never more ....




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