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I pledge allegiance to the Republican Party.I won't let the media tell me what to think.You refused to report facts from the Nunes memo.At least 17 lies in the FISA applications,Constituting the worst FISA abuse ever. Zero coverage from your fake
Nightclub singer walking downtown French scene Alone on stage, I own the stage I'll play you a song or two if you're kind I sing the same old tunes The same old blues
And so the hairy fat ape raped the  puppet slut-whore hybrid til it fell limp down the stairs of its sullen gaze amidst the crowing shit-bird winding a tourniquet casually about it's wing, facing the corner,
Human 2  humans are such fickle creatures  they can never decide they go into something thinking one way  and wanting this then by the end thery're thinking the complete opposite 
All I did was love you While you snuck out and gave your love to another But all she wanted was your money And now look who's the sucker   After you made me sign that waiver
He says you're not pretty, your breasts are too small, and your butt - nonexistent, He says you're borderline ugly, so you believe him, and you can't say you don't because you do,
Modesty...What exactly is it?
Society doesn't hate you because you try. Society hates you because you refuse to blindly follow. People who feel with the core of their being, who scream at unrighteous dealings...
A smile held by paper clips, is cracking near the seams. Marble eyes that grin and sparkle,
When did this world become full of greed, wealth, and giving cruelty to the ones that don't have it?  How do we give a raise to politicians,  and leave our troops with no breakfast to eat?
Chemical reactions determine how I shape my words on this page. Internal flickers and quarks determine how many times I blink while processing my thoughts.
The city i live in the city i represent Big,windy,beautiful full of life So many people so many personalities
A War on the People The Government is Evil Solution, Bullets
The world has lost its innocence,
He called her ugly. He believes she is ugly. He hurts her. He is ugly. She is beautiful. She is strong. She loved him. He is ugly.
A daddy wakes up, puts his work boots on heads out the door before escaping a yawn his hands are stained black from the grease of the day breaking his back and again, just to get that pay
You would think that a place that advoctes equality by hanging a banner stamped "No Place 
Miss Doctor Professor Mrs. Teacher Mister, Can I show you how much your class means to me 20 years from now? Let me get up and walk out the door Because every second that hangs himself, by his big red hand,
I realize it is this skin! For some unspoken words it is this skin Does it bare a mark of ancestral sin? How when they built this country on their bakcs and tears and blood.
Here is a word, or maybe some more I guarantee, simple is bold   We see the unseen And feel the signals The signals of heart   But there are choices Choices to be made
     What is Beauty? Is it what your face holds Or is it skin deep within our soul. In our society Being Thin is in Lighter Skin and other countless things. What happens to the other girls
Who knew  one could be so  submissive . . . ? mopping and cleaning plates for mere tips We dream and play  until one day it slips Not a care for others
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