Human 2

Human 2 

humans are such fickle creatures 

they can never decide

they go into something thinking one way 

and wanting this

then by the end thery're thinking the complete opposite 

and wanting that 

constantly changing their minds without abandon

they think just because you can adopt 

that you're able to give it away when it gets too hard

always judging and complaining especially overthinking 

the simple stuff like a cat crossing their path 

i cant even scratch the surface

with this GOD business

they set up to control the masses

its insane to think 

that the GOD fanatics 

turn out rude and close-minded

while the total sweethearts

are covered with tatts and piercings 

if i've learned anything 

it'd be that in order to survive

this world with humans 

one must create an outside 

to protect thier insides 

since humans cant see though skin and bone 

a tough image must be downed

to secure thier bruised side 

none of the humans seem to care 

but the ones that do 

seem to take it too far...



This poem is about: 
Our world


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