A Pledge to the Republican Party

I pledge allegiance to the Republican Party.I won't let the media tell me what to think.You refused to report facts from the Nunes memo.At least 17 lies in the FISA applications,Constituting the worst FISA abuse ever. Zero coverage from your fake news network,Fox News reported about your disgusting scandal though.This was a turning point for many intelligent people.Many left your fake news bubble,After your corrupt party was exposed.Some just forget so easily though. You are the most corrupt party on the planet.We don't need you or your fake news networks.Now we see Democrat politicians for what they are,Nothing but power hungry swine. Try as they may to hide the truth,Astute observers will always find it anyway.You don't really want to help people,You just want power to control and corrupt.I pledge never to be a Democrat again.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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