His Plastic Love


He says you're not pretty,

your breasts are too small,

and your butt - nonexistent,

He says you're borderline ugly,

so you believe him,

and you can't say you don't because you do,

Why else would you be stuffing your face,

and looking up every girl he's ever dated,

Why else would you be in a barely lit room assessing your flaws,

and of course you'll find no good points because he's destroyed them all,

your eyes were bright and full of life,

now they are stained with sorrow,

your cheeks - always blushing,

have now lost their divine color,

and your lips aren't worth looking at,

because your smile does not live there anymore,

He told you that you are worthless,

and now you're thinking it's true,

but have you ever wondered maybe...just maybe...he's the worthless one?

Think about it.

He found a good girl,

one who would never cheat or lie,

but now he wants to change her and mold her,

He wants to punish her for not being some kind of model or movie star,

He wants you to wear all this make up,

think about getting implants,

think about cutting bone just to be "beautiful",

when in fact, you are beautiful,

you are more beautiful than the daffodils that bloom in spring,

you are more graceful than the water that flows in,

you are everything you were intended to be,

If he really loved you,

He would take you as you are,

and treasure you,

treasure you like I do. 




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