What is Beautiful?


Poems From The Room
United States

     What is Beauty?

Is it what your face holds

Or is it skin deep within our soul.

In our society

Being Thin is in

Lighter Skin

and other countless things.

What happens to the other girls

You know; The ones who don't fit in with the worlds standards

The ones who starve, bleach their skin, and act as someone different from who

they really are,

Just to be someone they are not.

Society likes to say "Everyone is Beautiful"

But then turns around and judges every girl

Pointing out all of her seemingly endless flaws

We are those girls

Are we defined as ugly?

Dark skin

Plump shape

Curly nappy hair?

What is wrong with us?

You society make us feel; not good enough.

The boys chase bimbos with no feelings to heart, the girls who are pratically covered in plastic.

Fake girls who boost their self esteem, picking on girls who feel...

Less of attractive.

This society is biased

The world wants Perfection

With no exception

Of all of the natural girls,

Who want to feel and be,




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