I once had a dream;

You might call it a nightmare,

Where I reigned supreme

Without any care.

I had taken the power

By cunning and force.

Standing in my bower

I remember with remorse.

I was evil not kind;

I realize my mistake.

I’d leave it behind,

Give back all I did take.

But the choice isn’t mine,

It left when he died,

It was in cold blood;

I couldn’t have cried.

I took the life

Of the one in my way;

It left me with strife

To this very day.

I know I was evil;

The thought haunts me so,

I remember the shrill

Scream he let go.

Death you can’t cheat;

I can’t reverse what was done,

In the judgment seat,

I stand far from the sun.

I can blame none;

No one but me,

What I have done

Will be the death of me.

I can’t undo

The bad I have wrought.

It makes me feel blue;

So very distraught.

I can’t go back,

Only forward again.

It I can’t track,

Can’t return to then.

But what I can do,

Is fix what I broke.

If I remain true,

I’d be a better folk.

Thus here I am now,

Life is grand.

I now know how

To lend a hand.

I may not have the power

That I once had,

I don’t have a tower,

But things are not bad.

Everything’s great;

I’m happy once more.

There’s no debate,

I’ve opened a new door.


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