Our Corrupt Society


When did this world become full of greed, wealth,

and giving cruelty to the ones that don't have it? 

How do we give a raise to politicians, 

and leave our troops with no breakfast to eat?

Wealth doesn't come from what is in your bank account, 

but the wealth bestowed to other people with compassion.

It doesn't matter how good you did in life;

what mistakes you have made. 

That should not define you, 

but what risks you have taken to get where you are. 

I'm glad I can say I have a roof over my head, 

shoes to walk in,

clean clothes to wear everyday, 

but what about the ones that don't have it?

They are looked down upon. 

People like us, kids, my age, your age

argue everyday why they exist if food is scarce for them. 

When you awaken to this dark world,

you do not have the choice whether you are born in poverty, 

or whether you are daughter of a queen.

Shouldn't everyone deserve love?

Even the crulest of people have some kind of warmth in their heart. 

Everyone nutures the ability to have affection for others.

People are the way they are because of situations they are placed in. 

Who decides whether someone should die or not?

We kill people because they killed someone.

Who are the real killers now?


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