Beware Normality


Society doesn't hate you because you try. Society hates you because you refuse to blindly follow. People who feel with the core of their being, who scream at unrighteous dealings... Those are the ones society is scared of. Take it as a compliment when society turns on you. They don't really want you to be yourself... They want a mindless clone that conforms to what they say is right. They don't really want you to be happy, they want you to be numbingly content. They don't really want you to fight for freedom, they want you to believe you already have it. It is scary to those with an agenda to see an individual with heart. It is dangerous to the fabric of deception when a person is born that questions why life is as it is. Don't be bullied by the concepts shoved at you. Don't be confused by their clueless definitions of reality. Don't be afraid of being hurt. If you sell out to society they'll use you and toss you away. All you'll be left with is an empty shell of who you used to be. You won't even remember what it feels like to question, to wonder, to truly want to learn. And society will forever feast on the trophy that was once a burning individual of passion and integrity. Beware normality.   


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