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Dear Everything Your eyes Your hair Your voice Everything. It makes my heart flutter. The simple utterance of your name, it sends a rush of happiness and excitement.
You give me flowers and chocolate I wait for the yelling You apologize for your mistakes I wonder when you’ll turn on me You give me space when I need it
You. Just three simple letters but yet so much more. When I look at you I see not only my present but also my future. You Three simple letters but so many emotions
Because of the sun set, it must rise Because of the seasons' flowers may die Because of the moon, the waves still crash Because of the rocks mountains will last Because of the teachers, the students will learn
"Because I love you," he answers To a question he neither acknowledged nor understood. For he never knew that the roses that he planted in my heart Grew thorns with every bruise that appeared on my face. 
There are knots in my throat when I think about how I could never love anyone the way I love you. We manipulate, we hurt, we laugh, we love.  Nobody knows my soul, stripped bare,
I will love you forever because you bring out the best in me. I strive to be the best I can be, not only for myself but for you.
Love can be hard. Hard on the heart, hard on the mind, hard to find what real love is. I have welcomed so many wrong loves into this heart that I cannot tell a hand to hold from a fist. Harmless turns
For all that it is, love… love isn’t one for being bound. Not even when placed in the most fortified of prisons will it ever submit to its capture.   It takes on new names. New owners.
I am your girl And I love you So I take on your pain and your sorrow I dry your eyes and give you hope for tomorrow  Because I love you I value your mind I listen to your thoughts
Because I love you, honesty will be ever present You can rest assured that our communication is true That my thoughts and actions are pure to you There are no games I secretly play
You once told me I was beautiful, But now you call me ugly. Whose fault is that I think, Never daring to speak.   Bruises adorn my body, Never seem to fade. I muffle my cries at night,
Because I love you, I will save you the last pizza slice, I will order an XL French fry even when you say you’re not hungry. And I’ll buy your favorite chocolate, For the times that you’re unhappy.  
A relationship is a balance  Like in chemistry, both sides result equally  For if the values added up  Do not match  The relationship  Is unsatisfied   
“ I’m done with you”. “ No I’m done with you !” This the last time... But that’s what we said last time.  A healthy relationship is even on bad terms we still remain loyal and true.
  Another individual,  seemingly that was made for you, Like a perfectly fitted glove, But you do not own that person, which will forever be true.   And that person has no obligation to please you
As you look in my eyes, You see me, Not just my face or my hair, You see my soul, When you look at me, My heart feels whole,
Love washes over you like first summer rain. Love isn’t weighed down by the worry of being late four minutes. Love is safe.
I love you. Words that mean so much,  yet aren't said enough.  Maybe because love- isn't what you think.  It's not an obligatory vow, written in ink.  It can't be defined:
“Because I love you”I can use and abuse this termGuilt you into thinking you are the reason this relationship isn’t standing firmBecause I love you, so I wouldn’t mess us up, it’s all on you  However, because I love you I won’t Instead I will talk
because i love u i will give u gifts my gifts r my heart's pearly petals plucked just 4 u first is the kind thing i tell u when i first c u second r the truths i will share only with u
You are my wet paint, on new house walls Not yet set but still looks so pretty You are the dripping paint hanging from the ceiling Not yet dry, but still glimmering in the night sky
I gave you the breath of life, I gave you peace for your strife, I sacrificed the perfect lamb, I gave you the knowledge of who I am, I built you mansions made of gold,
Because I love you, I’d reach and grab all the stars, Because I love you, Our arguments are compromises, Because I love you,
  Because I love you I trust you I trust your judgement Your decisions Because I love you I know you I know your secrets
Today I do not shower But you tell me I smell like a flower Today I misplaced my toothbrush So you gave me a brand new one Today I do not match Yet you insist I am still a catch
She was always there. When she fell off her bike at the age of 6 and scraped her knee- the comfort, the reassurance, the love. When she had to stand up to her bullies in middle school-
His smile was the perfect disguise Oh, how he seemed like such a good guy But here you are now, with a black eye He is twisting your words, telling you lies
We go in circles. We fight and stab each other in the back. You say, “If you loved me, you would give up talking to them.” Yet, you can talk whoever you want.
Love flows between people Between the grooves of their skin Between the cracks of their lips Between the canal of their blood vessels.
From island to desert Memories are key Eyes don’t scream greed I trust they don’t make a fool of me   In distance I see
There are five stages to love: Attraction, infatuation, comfort, tribulations, and separation.   Attraction, causing the butterflies in your stomach and sweaty palms.
Because I love you, the sun agrees with me, to shine only for you. That when you wake up, you wrap your arms around yourself, and a smile will form on those powerful lips  
I was empty, before you touched me, And filled my heart with stars. You graced my thoughts with all of these dreams, And made us who we are.   You fixed what was never broken,
Will the words “I love you” suffice? Will it make you happy? Will it make you sad? In these stanzas, Could passion truly to be expressed?   Because I love you
Healthy relationships — Speaking, sharing, understanding; those are all the elements needed.    What is wrong?  Do you want half?  Oh, I understand.  Easier written than said  
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