Creation of Worlds

Love flows between people

Between the grooves of their skin

Between the cracks of their lips

Between the canal of their blood vessels.

Vessels of emotions and commitment.

Commitment driving their

Endurance never...indifferent...

Different elements coming together.

Creating a new world:


is Endurance. That no matter the natural disasters, tsunamis, hurricanes. That all will be able to hold on and find peace.

is Acceptance. That of the successes and flaws of your partner. Accepting that both of you can become better people by continuing to grow together.

is Self-Growth. That although you two love each other, you will still flourish as individuals.

is Learning. That each and everyday will show you a new side of that person to love. A new thing to annoy. A new thing to enjoy. A new thing to cherish.


"You have faults, but I love you"-- No- it's "You have faults, AND I love you".

is Childish yet Mature.

is Soft yet Rough.

is eternal, is eternal, is eternal…


Love comes from child, man, and woman.

comes from family, friends, lovers.

comes from the eyes, skin, and heart.

Many aspire for the fire in the desire that inspires and destroys.

But its true form is water...




A peace that can't be shattered into pieces.

What we are made of, what we are made for, and what we stand for.


Energy flowing between:

to the skin, to the lips, to the eyes, to the soul,

Driving us to create a new world.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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