Pain of Love

You once told me I was beautiful,

But now you call me ugly.

Whose fault is that I think,

Never daring to speak.


Bruises adorn my body,

Never seem to fade.

I muffle my cries at night,

Trying to escape.

Escape the nightmare I call reality.

I try to sleep, but even there

You haunt me.


The slaps,

The punches,

the looks of disgust.

But worst of all...

the words.


At least the bruises fade.


I have no friends,

You told me to stop

The second you realized

My happiness was

No longer created by you.

Instead it was every time

I escaped from you.



Why is my freedom restricted?

Because I love you

You said.


Is this what love is?

Never happy,

No friends,




I can't live like this,

A dark life with no escape.

It seems so easy,

To just leave,

But I can't.


Once again, I get wrapped in

To your commands.

Yes, okay, I'm sorry.

But why was I sorry?

Not for what I did to you,

Sorry for myself.

Sorry that I didn't say no soon enough.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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