I am your girl

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 23:52 -- Jaliyah

I am your girl

And I love you

So I take on your pain and your sorrow

I dry your eyes and give you hope for tomorrow 

Because I love you

I value your mind

I listen to your thoughts

I cherish your time

I mean that

More than meaningless gifts and nick-nacks 

You're priceless

My diamond in disguise

I stare into your eyes 

While you search me for lies

But I speak nothing, but the truth 

I am your girl

Here's the proof

I love you more than Saturday cartoons 

Cereal and Juice 

Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes, Clovers and Blue moons 

more than Hourglasses, Rainbows, and tasty Red Ballons

I know that was mad cheesy 

But your my lucky charm

I know try they try to steal me, but you keep me safe from harm

I wanna end this

Although, I know there's much more to say

But because I love you

This night I pray

That blessing's fill your life and happiness comes your way

Know that I love you

And I'm here to stay












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