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Neel   Smart, Kind, Thoughtful, and Shy   Brother of Dhara and Yesh, Son of Jeegnesh and Shilpa  
Thanks  to the girl who used my love, Thanks to the girl who abused my love, Thanks to the fake that never took blame, Thanks to the ones who put me to shame.  
Self-deprecation; I am too mean Self-love; A girl can dream Self-esteem; not even growing Self-destruction; I'm slowly eroding Self-harm; one wound just isn't enough Self-hatred; there is far too much of this stuff I have so much love in my heart
To my "Love,"   No will ever love me like you, What you told me over and over like a broken record skipping on a familiar riff:
a contribution to my heart- what i have learned about love
Dear restless heart,   I’m falling for you, But I’m trying not to. I’m falling for you, But I will never be with you. Not because you don’t know I exist,
try not to figure everything out at once i tell myself. believe in free love i instruct myself. physically, they all teach me. grow your hair out to this length, cut. respect your parents. afterall,
my heart says love everyone, my soul says forgivness is easy, but my eyes and these visable scars say im too different
i fall in love too quick, trust too easy, fall too hard, and its my pure heart that eats the dust
got my game on playing basketball in the back lot down at Sandy Dr. watermelon, chicken with grits not to mention those delicous tits call me on my cell uptown when I'm in trouble make my Martini strong like on the double
I scream at the nothingness, engulfed with annoyance of sound. rehearsing letters:words:sentences:madness whispered in my mind of many personas. No crazy, Just insane. My own thoughts of several outcomes,
get back to the basics busting fat laces running the bases it used to be cool to obey the golden rule yet that went out the door in 64 open the door for your neighbor then you can chill on a different ice cream flavor
Dear Self, Emotions pour inside  Who am I ? What is Life? It is safe to say we are the anwer It is your view  Your life We are told how we must act
Here's a little story that needs to be heard about an old couple who lived in the hood firecrackers blazing outside there window pane folks had insisted the couple was insane take heed to the reader as best as you can
take it to the beat watch us meet to greet fooling in the street tripping on the beach smoking fat leaves doing what you please as busy as a bee making sweet history there's a battle for your mind I'm just the walking blind
why stop now when my hands on the plow bringing people together so why do I even bother the streets have good peeps just ask Robin Leeche remember when you would take family and friends
The beaches have always held a special place in my heart, for the way the water glistens, and the way the shells all gather like military soldiers in a line at the shore. Today, the beach was especially beautiful.
Did you think you could hurt me? Did you think I would spend all my nights in a puddle of my tears? Did you think I would never move on?, You my friend, are sadly mistaken. Yes, you were one of a kind,
A fire burning in my heart, Began something without a start. Thrown down with an adrenaline rush, The beginning of a violent crush. In my mind is where you reside,
Let's just pretend you can take a trusted from on a road trip down by the sea as a beacon of light to a hurting friend in need we have created a magic circle drowned in the rain
today I exist as a vapor then I am no more some may equate logic for fear that brings nothing near my chest is heavy and my pulse is setting in yesterday was such an easy game we used to play
Love- A beautiful thing.   To the world, And all it contains-   Love: When you see her crying Out in the streets, Out in the rain, Water streaming down Her face-
I keep time aside for you, I want you to feel important, I give you attention you deserve, Because I love you. I don't leave you hurt, I ask what's wrong, I fix what's broken ,
it took my whole life to build a brick wall.    i placed it one by one, a brick after another every time I felt uneasy that someone was knocking on my home that i so carefully built that they were going to knock it down
as a seed was dropped into the atmosphere it took root as I grew although those many years have passed still I have every reason to grasp the mere notion of a whisper and that of a smile
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