Everything while nothingness

I scream at the nothingness,

engulfed with annoyance of sound.

rehearsing letters:words:sentences:madness whispered in my mind of many personas.

No crazy,

Just insane.

My own thoughts of several outcomes,

No one else.

Sometimes seconds are hours,

Maybe hours can transform to seconds.

I need that someone to make it for me,

To lessen the annoyance,

And turn it to bliss.

To make the silence romantic.

To form the voices to careless whispers of nothing in ears.

To build an infinite blank space of just you and I.

I crave that person.

My whole life has been craving that person.

But where does my trust actually fall when the elders already built it

with straws next to a forcefilled wind called love?

Is the person of Infatuation,

Just a voice?

Is it I whom I desperately need,



Is it learning to love yourself

with none other,

Just the meaning?

If happiness is key

Who is to say fate is with someone,

Or myself.

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