Blowin Up Like You Thought I Would

why stop now when my hands on the plow
bringing people together so why do I even bother
the streets have good peeps just ask Robin Leeche
remember when you would take family and friends
searching for the latest trends just chilling in my Benz
ya it all looks good in the hood as things make peace
going come straight up from my dancing feet
believe it i'm a leader never a follower
so why I even bother ya
onto the extreme people can be mean
sipping on my coca cola sorry that I know ya
life is best busy when your making other plans
should i stop now it only does depend

Blowin up like you thought i would
I'm on point with this dope joint
smoking fat blunts in high school
chilling with the tunes of Huey Lewis and the news
Drake is the true big mac attack
yet we over react with the new style of Eminem
but that white dude is still my friend
got hustlers want to burn me hoochies want to do me
stand back in my sand box like that bitch Goldilocks
just a straight up shooter have your pets spayed and nuetered
got some dear friends whom I can depend
I'm ya biggest fan just sticking it to the man
so see ya on the flip side squeeze
out spreading the disease

Blowin up like you thought i would
with loose lips sinks ships take some time to move those hips
no one today gives a shit cause they got me in a bind so kiss my fat behind
woman can feel the breeze of a nice Keith Sweat
I bet your sorry that we met
three minutes Dougie Fresh your on
now is the end of this song
still can't we all just get along
flirting with fire blazing in its natural desire
going to take you higher
Trump comb over is president but he doesn't take residency
in my heart cause he's a no it all never will you see him busting loose down at your neighborhood mall

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My community


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