What I Have Learned About Love


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a contribution to my heart-
what i have learned about love

i. mostly it grows
it's seeing you do the simple things like washing dishes or making quesadillas on a Friday night
it's running errands together or doing homework at your house and realizing that it's the simple things that people should derive happiness from, to realize that everything you could ever want is in front of you at that exact moment.
but i also know you must learn to want to spend the rest of your life with yourself before anyone else.
when you look for happiness in simple things and moments, that's when you will find it.

ii. vulnerability is always the right choice
learning that sometimes it's okay to be soft in a world that can be so destructive
if you open up to people, they will open up to you
& knowing that you can have an influence on someone so important to you
part of being a good listener is understanding that sometimes the other person might not want to talk

iii. love is about balance
learning to balance work with things that make me happy
like spending time at your games on a Friday night or hanging out with friends on a Saturday night
and choosing when to go out
knowing when to work and when to have fun
to study hard but to also love the people around me hard
i think learning to balance these things is something that i still have yet to perfect.
what i want to remember;
i want to remember napping together in your bed after a long day at school & knowing i am finally safe within your reach
i want to remember BBQ's at your aunts house with your cousins running around and children playing
i want to remember what it's like to be able to call a person home
i want to remember how you continue to teach me different interpretations of love
thank you for making me feel like i will always have your arms when i no longer have words to say
please continue to grow

even if i’m not always there


and for that i am forever grateful

-a thank you from my heart

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