Once You Left

Did you think you could hurt me?

Did you think I would spend all my nights

in a puddle of my tears?

Did you think I would never move on?,

You my friend, are sadly mistaken.

Yes, you were one of a kind,

and yes, you showed me things no one else ever could,

but once you left, 

I did all those things by myself. 

I loved myself more than anyone else could.

I pampered myself,

I spoiled myself,

I supported myself.

Everything you thought only you could do I did.

I wouldn't have been able to do it without you showing me how first.

Once you showed me,

I no longer needed you.

Once you left, 

I only needed myself.

Go ahead and try to find someone else,

someone like the old me.

I promise you this, 

you'll find her, 

and you'll leave her,

and you'll hope you hurt her,

but like me,

she will not be hurt.

She will not spend her nights in a puddle of her tears. 

She will move on from you,

and onto something better.

Something no one else could ever give her.



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