My Autobiography Poem



Smart, Kind, Thoughtful, and Shy


Brother of Dhara and Yesh, Son of Jeegnesh and Shilpa


Lover of the last day of school, the first seconds of summer, my phenomenal family


Who feels joy when going on vacations with my crazy family, watching The Challenge, and hanging out with friends, 


Who needs to have good grades, go to New York University, have an outstanding job that will move the decimal point in my bank account to the right


Who gives a hand, tons of encouragement, many chances to others


Who fears being alone, oceans, bad grades 


Who would be ecstatic to see where my family grew up in India, a 4.6 weighted Grade point average, my old home in New York 


Proud Resident of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania




This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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