A Scenic View

Let's just pretend you can take a trusted from on a road trip down by the sea
as a beacon of light to a hurting friend in need
we have created a magic circle drowned in the rain
stop for lobsters maybe some baked crab we shall grab
through the pier we can see the dare in the eye of the flight of the Albatross
yet as the weather gets bad we are left drowned in the rain

got to get back in the car amidst the near window pane
she blazed,
she kindled
out of the night
like a white star
We all boil at different degrees
one can equate in hidden apathy
time passes
The only life I have
submits to its power
some die looking for a hand do hold
On the other side of the resistance is the flow
the sounds of the nearby surf coming into the tide
my soul permeates the inner feeling of solace

the earth has music for those who listen
all the while I was a sinking vessel,
No lifeboat
No S.O.S
Salted wounds
to work until skin becomes bone white
for I have seen the truth and it doesn't make sense
golden nuggets of thought in viral personifications
And in the end,
we were all just
drunk on the idea
that love,
only love,
could heal
our brokenness
my very soul permeates a vision for being
out in the changeing of the season
then for some matter my friend just left me without any reason

This poem is about: 
My community


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