Thanks 7/25/19

Thanks  to the girl who used my love,

Thanks to the girl who abused my love,

Thanks to the fake that never took blame,

Thanks to the ones who put me to shame.


User, you taught me to find truthful girls,

Abuser, You taught me to look for pearls,

Fake one, you taught me to take no bs,

Doubters, you taught me to clean up my mess. 


And all of that for what it’s worth,

Gave me a chance at my own rebirth.

All that pain of the past at its utmost,

Brought me back to what I love most.


All the sadness gave me a way

To learn to be happy my way,

To continue my goals and stun the crowd,

And most of all to make myself proud.


So thank you for our endings we had.

I didn’t lose anyone cuz it made me glad. 


Life is truly a story of getting up once bitten,

But It’s up to you on how the next chapters written. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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