A Longing Heart

Dear restless heart,


I’m falling for you,

But I’m trying not to.

I’m falling for you,

But I will never be with you.

Not because you don’t know I exist,

But because we have different ways to live.


Unequally yoked is not an option,

And this isn’t a Romeo and Juliet scene.

It will never be,

And that’s fine with me…


But is it though?

I’m just trying to let you go,

But when I fall, I fall hard.

And this is damaging to my heart.


But patience is the key

When it comes to happiness and suffering – 

And when it comes to purity and all that love can be,

Patience is the key.


So then I will wait

For the man God has entrusted to me

To encourage, support, and love freely.


So then I will wait

For the man God will give to me

In holy matrimony. 

- D.A.


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