Timeless Love

A fire burning in my heart,

Began something without a start.

Thrown down with an adrenaline rush,

The beginning of a violent crush.

In my mind is where you reside,

By our love I must abide.


“Because I love You”


Inspire the mind of another,

Maybe even your significant other,

Reflect and revise in each other's eyes,

Until your demise holds a surprise.

Silence freezes the air between,

Both of you begin to scream.


“Because I love You”


But then everything will turn around,

They won't just leave you on the ground.

The sound of silence began to beat,

Followed by a stable treat.

But that is something small you say,

Im sure you just had a bad day.


“Because I love You”


The scars you have begin to fade,

Dreaming of our younger days.

The silence begins to scream your name,

Echoing instances of your fame.

But as the day wanes to an end.

I’ll have to admit you’re my one true friend.


“Because I love You”


In the end of this disgrace,

We are left in our soft embrace.

As time begins to slip,

We tell each other to get a grip.

In the end I'll always be yours,

Even when there seems to be no cures.


“Because I love you”


As you slowly fade away,

I’m left with nothing but this gray.

Terrorizing me with sharp pangs of gloom,

Spiraling down into my doom.

Every week I’m by your shrine,

Thinking of the sunshine.


“Because I love you.”


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