'Dark' 'creepy' 'twisted'

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I am a werewolf. I am dark inside. I am wolfman. I am a werewolf. Maybe werewolves aren’t  As bad as people Think.
My cat's been dead for a while now Her nocturnal fur burned into dust As her organs did combust
Water ripples Love twists As the thorns in a bush Like the crawls of yam tuber Rising above the horizons Accidentally it falls
Covering myself in the atrocities of every human, plant, and animal, I could think of myself no more rotten, no less than putrid.  
I watch the old house all day and night; I keep my vigil, never leaving my sight.   The oak they call me; the oak I may be, But from birth I have stood here, with nothing unseen.  
In the dead of night, we boarded the boat to save our lives. I was woken in my sweat, as I was shaken by my wife. She grabbed our screaming daughters; I loaded a boat with supplies.
The fire burns from the hearts of hatred Hurling the angel of death at us with every beat Every pounding of one’s chest, a scream emerges  
Darkness surrounds me as I find myself enveloped in the story being told in front of me. A young girl is stumbling upon a scene,
Why, as children are we afraid of some darkness? Just the still black air, and yet, we all hate the crushing stillness and the possibility  that there could be something
Fear. The fastest emotion to reach the brain to create a fight or flight reaction Fight.  Fear causes a person to attack to rid of whatever caused the fear. Flight.
Guilt is a painful, dreadful being. Guilt is the most powerful being of all, He punctures million needles through your heart,
Five feet from the stop sign, scraped and shivering From the streaks of air that buffeted All the world but you.   You squatted on that plastic stool.
The wind blows, fierce and strong Lurking in the shadows is a tall man The man doesn't have a face, blank He creeps slowing, stalking his next victims The wind blows, fierce and strong
Stranded I sit,  Waiting for you. Alone I wait,  Thinking,  Knowing not what to do. I cannot move I cannot say. I cannot live I cannot stay.
When I want to express my emotions, I end up just laughing. If society knew they would deem me insane. I laugh hysterically as I burn myself. I giggle as I get catcalled. I chuckle as I watch you love her.
Just some bread Just a roll For my grandmother No one will know She's been so frail So perhaps I'll grab a pail I'll fill it with water For my grandmother Just a bit of water
Your lies are bigger than your fears The voice of your heart which you can't hear Secrets were never meant to be kept But now your soul is trapped
Bricks red and gold, What a place to lock away a soul.   Top a tall tower an angel calls, With hair as blonde as the sunset falls.  
Cinderella: From a dark point of view.   Cinderellas father, a rich and noble man. Who loved his daughter and his new wife. He left for a trip and never came back. Cinderella and her step mother and sisters.
Oh how alone he felt, and how unfair the cards he was dealt, Hiding in the woods so no one could see his pain, a mind that was slowly going insane, Each day achingly dragged on, but then one curious dawn,
Tinker, Tinker Bell, oh I know you so well You entice, you excite, but most importantly you're not very nice I dare say this only to myself, or else I'll become very frail You live for the attention, if I do so may mention
Rapunzel, Rapunzel Would let down her hair, Waiting for mighty men to ensnare.   Her golden blonde locks, Stained strawberry with blood,
The window was open one silvery night  And Rapunzel was frozen in half-hearted flight  The cold air beckoned from the heavens above  And tickled her ears where the shears had touched 
Swimming in the depths Of the deep ocean blue Mermaids have fun Terrorizing the crew. The rich, the handsome, The royal ones, too Cannot escape their clutches No matter what they do.
Cinderella got the shoe  Cindrella got the dream  Cinderella was seen Cinderella had a clue  But what the author doesn't portray  What the author doesn't say  The author doesn't use the words--
The dark in the light is not viewed often Like a friend’s funeral with an open coffin Not many will look but those who do Will take a glance and walk on through No one wants to see the pain that comes
Its a big white world in which we must add color ourselves however the only color I have is crimson the color of humanity for I am as human as they get   The world will never be colorful 
Knight Hawk gazed at the falling leaves The brown folly they had become His heart sunk within his chest As he looked out the window high Above the freezing ground whereby
As a child, I endured extreme anxiety once my adolescent body found itself incarcerated by the unforgiving darkness of the night.  
I used to pray for cancer For the distraction from the worldly worries And a catapult to the spiritual ones.   I used to pray for cancer It's a dark prayer I know But the darkness seemed like light.
They tell me that I'm Kind Nice Sweet Giving Kind They use these words over and over different face different instance Same meaning   I give them a small smile
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