Cinderelly! Cinderelly! POEM!!

Cinderella: From a dark point of view.


Cinderellas father, a rich and noble man.

Who loved his daughter and his new wife.

He left for a trip and never came back.

Cinderella and her step mother and sisters.

Fought for the will the father had carried.

Though neither confessed, late in the night.

Cinderella snuck in her fathers room and

put a pillow over his face.

His fortune is mine  thought Cinderella.

He wasn't breathing, even before, not a single trace

of his lungs inhaling.

He had been poisoned by his wife, who came earlier that night.

A duel for the riches, neither will play nice.

In the forged will of the slain man, everything

was to be left to the wife and her daughters,

but nothing to Cinderella.

The step mother abused Cinderella, making her a slave.

Made her eat her pet mice, was never nice and it ruined her brain.

On the night of the ball, where the prince stayed low.

Cinderella was told not to go.

She watched in anger as her step mother and sisters rode,

the carriage to the kingdom, bright red was her nose.

She stole a dress from her ugly step sisters. Stole the next oncoming carriage.

All the way to the castle to assure her future marriage.

She would marry the prince and steal all his riches.

Much more than her fathers, truly, how wicked.

Once she arrived, the prince was smitten.

Danced and danced until the clock struck twelve.

Decided she was bored and ran but left her slipper,

leaving the poor prince in demand.

He searched night and day until he reached Cinderellas home.

Made all the girls try it on, but obviously, to no avail.

The last one to try was Cinderella, her step mother laughed.

But only for a second, for the slipper had fit.

The prince married Cinderella and demanded her

step mother to be put to death and her sisters in the streets.

And on the day of the wedding, after the vows, the prince fell ill.

He died that night, almost as if, someone had poisoned him.

But in the end, Cinderella got everything in his forged will.





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