The Deadly Mermaid

Swimming in the depths

Of the deep ocean blue

Mermaids have fun

Terrorizing the crew.

The rich, the handsome,

The royal ones, too

Cannot escape their clutches

No matter what they do.

These men, you see

Have done terrible acts

They've disrespected women

It's a heart that they lack.

So these beautiful creatures 

Seek out the evil,

The wicked,  the vile.

They flip their hair, 

The put on a smile.

They catch the attention 

of the unworthy crew.

Their beauty is breathtaking,

It stands out against the blue.

The men see their charm,

They sail close, they see

The mermaids beautiful hair

And razor sharp teeth.

The unfaithful men

Scream out in terror.

Now no more women

Will deal with their error.

So if you see a beautiful woman

While sailing on the see

For if you are unfaithful 

Alive you will not be.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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