What a Tall Tower

Bricks red and gold,

What a place to lock away a soul.


Top a tall tower an angel calls,

With hair as blonde as the sunset falls.


She’s calling down to a traveller wandering,

His horse resists with nervous neighing.


Oh, but what a beautiful prize, what power,

Could be locked in such a tall tower.


With a determined grin he climbs brick,

The songs so haunting, his heart grows sick.


With thoughts of lust and desire.

He climbs higher, and higher.  


As he nears the top, the sunset burns crimson.

His fingers find a final grip,  

Hoisting himself over the lip.


Of the only window into

Such a tall tower.


As he dusts himself off to greet her,

His eyes catch her unnerving twisted grin.


Excited, she starts to sing again,

And the poor boy’s head it starts to swim.


With a scream he falls into,

sharp teeth and horrid claws.


His horse flees, and he bleeds.

Because what but a demon,

Would be locked in such a

Tall tower.  


This poem is about: 
Our world


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