The Burning of Our Ashes

Wed, 10/16/2019 - 17:25 -- Jhetn03

The fire burns from the hearts of hatred

Hurling the angel of death at us with every beat

Every pounding of one’s chest, a scream emerges


Burning everything, it touches like an

Umbrella of pain and horror, the

Remembrance of those before me. A

Never ending loop of suffering begins.

Images burnt into my mind as I sleep

Nightmare of burning flesh

Going insane slowly with every scream.


Oblivious to my own burning inside. A

Fungi of pain growling across the camp of my heart


Oh, the sour stench of the flames

Uniformed punishment for our sins

Residing in a pit of unescapable Hell


As I watch the ashes fall

Snow like and

Horrifically whimsical

Eloping with the blood stains on the ground

Sloshing together in a pool of disgust



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