Who is Guilt

Guilt is a painful, dreadful being.

Guilt is the most powerful being of all,

He punctures million needles through your heart,

And leaves a giant tear in your lungs as you gasp for air.

He haunts, stalks, and follows your every move.

Guilt could be forgiving,

Other times, cold, sharp, daggers will pierce your heart.

Guilt will prevent you from enjoying the moment.

He gives people a one way ticket to the asylum.

There are many ways to gain His attention,

You can kill, steal, deceive, no matter what bad deed you’ve done, He follows always.

He could visit you once.

Or He could visit you ceaselessly.

He might stay for only a minute,

Or He might haunt you for the rest of your painful, pathetic, and meaningless life.

He could punish you for a couple of minutes,

Or He could bring His wrath upon you for eternity.

There are very few people that Guilt rarely visits,

For everyone makes mistakes.

Mistakes are inevitable.

Should you get the opportunity to be visited by Me,

You should certainly decline.



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