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love is just a word caught in a world that does not exist you remind me of a child i'm in love with your saddness   you made me feel alive that very first time we kissed hold on to me now, baby,
  Months used to feel like a portion of the year and years used to feel like a portion of your life.  Now months hardly even feel like weeks and years hardly even feel like months..
My tears spill over Forever leaking, gushing, flowing tears The embodiment of fear and disappointment Am I not enough? Not worthy of love Worthless
You see, When I take a moment and look back. Back at all the moments in my past, I see all the dreams I've left behind. All the scenes I left unseen and I think, I think "where did the time go?" When I close my eyes  and listen, Just listen to you
Endless ocean of stolen tears Only the waves know your fears Crashes and ashes and waterfall gears Irrelevance fades as you soak up the beer
I know what it means to be heartbroken. To feel like you’ve got nothing left; To feel like your world has turned completely upside down; And you believe that everyone has moved on, But you cannot catch up.  
Mom says, “you’re just hungry.” Dad says, “you’re just tired.” But it’s not just that! I’m starving, don’t you see?
Your words dropped to the floor like the weapons that they were,For you cared not for what you meant to me,For you cared not that your words stung like a slap to the face,
I need you! Help me! I don't want to be a nuisance  Gotta keep it to myself, don't wanna make a scene  People starring at me, they'll probably hate me   I don't want to be  a bother to them  let me just sit still 
So when you're finished with me, Will I be disposed like an old wash towel? Torn, worn, and rough on the corners. Loose threading and loose ends. Am I no longer worthy to clean up your mess?
My hands, like rope tying over my cracking neck  Whispers and murmurs
If I were To tell you I love you, It would for sure Make my stomach whirl At the thought of A boy And A girl Lost and in love. Trust, Lust,
ChorusSticcs and stones and broken homes your curses are what hurt meYour heart is stone it breaks my soul your hatred is what birthed meYou drink my blood and drain my love and you always seem so thirstyYou act so high above us all you act like i
I need you like I need silence, But tonight I can't have either. Harsh words of lovers creep through this house. Love is fake. I know it is. I'm too smart to believe in it but I pretend to.
Please dont forget about me, in time a memory froze, maybe one day well be, and ubreakable blue rose,   i miss you in every way, my feelings are true, but it wont be today,
I am so sad I think I have been sad for a while now I’m not sure I know I was really sad in middle school And of course every now and then
I scream not only because I am angry not only because  I am afraid I scream because of my shame my dying hope for a world at peace. It takes only one day to destroy hope
It's not easy to deal with all the negativity being thrown my way. I hide, pretend I don't hear it, and if that doesn't work I run away. My footsteps lead me to you, and you end up making everything okay.
The things I fear aren’t always as tangible as death  or the loss of the ones I love. Sometimes I fear loneliness and simplicity Things staying still.   From the words I devour 
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