Months used to feel like a portion of the year and years used to feel like a portion of your life.

 Now months hardly even feel like weeks and years hardly even feel like months..

The irreplaceable seasons come and go like they are infinite and each day is just another collection of excuses going back in fifth in my mind.. 

The ever fading relationships with the people that once loved you and whom you once loved are almost gone - all that you once cared about is slowly fading to an all but a bleak shade of grey.

Your passions and dreams seem as if they never existed and you can't remember what it's like to be happy anymore.. 

Every moment that has passed and continues to pass is all but wasted potential of memories and you continue your self-destructive behaviors and habits as if regret is just a delusion... As if there is no future.

No family.

No regret.

No you.


As if it's all a dream...



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