Ode To My Mentor

I need you! Help me! I don't want to be a nuisance 

Gotta keep it to myself, don't wanna make a scene 

People starring at me, they'll probably hate me 

 I don't want to be  a bother to them 

let me just sit still 

shut my mouth, not make a sound, everything will be alright 


Gotta keep my cool, not be a fool 

Let me stupid, at least I'm  living 

 What other things should I be needing 

Like a fairytale, you came to rescue me,

Ode to my mentor, my friend, my buddy..... my teacher

I was a lost kid without a identity

you pulled me by my hand and inspired me 

I was a loser, you taught me to be myself 

I was a kid, I hated you, I'm sorry 

I should have valued you

I wish I can turn back time to those good old days


We met in summer, a strange foreign kid with short hair and a blonde elderly woman,

whose wrinkled soft skin was the coziest thing ever

Ode to my mentor, I need you back

I know you up there please look back

You stood by me in the beginning 

You should have in the end

I'm sending this letter to heaven 

Please reply back if you get a chance 

I miss and love you 


I'm sorry, I should have appreciated you.

This poem is about: 
My family



this poem really touches me, someone who really guided me with her tiny hardwork, she really looked after a foreign tomboy looking girl who didn't even know a phrase in english. Even though Ms. G is no longer with me, I pray for  her wellbeing in paradise . RIP MS.G 

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