A Fragile Heart with Tough Walls

I know what it means to be heartbroken.

To feel like you’ve got nothing left;

To feel like your world has turned completely upside down;

And you believe that everyone has moved on,

But you cannot catch up.


I know what it means to be chained by depression.

Depression takes you captive

And refuses to let you go.

You can’t feel a thing,

You can’t even pretend to smile.


I know what it means to be trapped.

You watch your father take his last breath,

You try and try, do all you can—

Even though that little voice is saying, “He is already gone.”

And all you can do is wonder why.


I know what it means to grow up—

To grow up too fast, in a way you don’t want.

But you have no choice.

You must be strong, brave, keep moving—

On the outside.


I know what it means to have terrible pain.

Pain that will never leave you alone,

Pain that will not subside.

But you keep on keeping on,

Pretending to be “fine”.


I know what it means to be “fine”.

To make others believe you’re okay,

To smile and wave;

All of that just to go cry yourself to sleep.

I know what it means to be heartbroken.


I’m a fragile heart with tough walls.

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My family
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