On Spiders and Lovers

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 08:40 -- Neftee

I need you like I need silence,

But tonight I can't have either.

Harsh words of lovers creep through this house.

Love is fake.

I know it is.

I'm too smart to believe in it but I pretend to.

And that's enough sometimes.

I touch your tear glazed face,

but its only just a dream.

I feel you creep along my skin

but you were never close.

A fleeting shadow on my mind,

You prey upon my thoughts as they flow.

I taste you on my tongue.

I hear your voice echo off the corners of the room,

as the spider webs are spun.

The kiss on my cheek was from my pillow,

Cause you are just a dream.

A ghost  it seems I can not let you be.

Your an itching in my soul,

And as you leave,

I'll beg you not to go.


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