I am so sad

I am so sad

I think I have been sad for a while now

I’m not sure

I know I was really sad in middle school

And of course every now and then

But recently I have been very sad all the time

I don’t know what it is

It could be all sorts of things actually

These past two weeks have been super rough

I just feel really sad

And I cry everyday

And I don’t really feel like talking anymore

And I can’t seem to find most things to be funny anymore

I just want to sit in my room and be sad

I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault

I think it’s just something that happened

Maybe it’s the medicine

Maybe it’s just me

All I know is,

I am just so sad

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your poem is so funny...im dead :"""))))).why so sad?read your poem it will make you happy :)

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