fairy tales

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Once I get home, I sit outside after a long day. Everyone wants to talk to me, but I don't really have anything to say. I like to keep to myself, because it ensures that I will not be in pain.
i. (this is what the storyteller tells you)   he makes you laugh. your smile stretches and splits and laughter erupts from your throat like champagne bubbles,
To have a friend Is all you need To talk to others In order to succeed   I never had that choice To be loved by my peer Simply cause of my voice Others were filled with fear  
When she was a little girl Without her cloak Without her crimson-red shield She was innocent, full of light, full of life  
In the Midst of Misunderstanding   They all assume That I am what I’m not. But what can I do, Other than to bear their misunderstood beliefs.   What would they say,
  What if this story was about a beast, And we didn’t need a beauty? What if there was no happy ending, And we ruined your perfect story?
Little Red Riding Hood knew The day she would die But not how, or who, or why Just that bad luck grew strong on her family tree Worked its way into their roots
Rapunzel was alone most days and most nights She grew sad and felt no meaning was meant for her Her golden hair grew long and luscious Her once bright purple dress turned cold and frail
double double, toil and trouble... the firelight quivers with every rumble; the old woman's hands stir up the pot; the air is stale with the smell of rot--  
Once upon a fairy tale A princess kissed a stranger She didn't quite know who he was; Only that he'd saved her.  He climbed the tallest tower While the dragon slept nearby
Walking with my knight In this beautiful starry night just watching our dreams going by, upon this extravagant day, And upon this unruling night. Me and my handsome Knight  Shall be forever bright,
Sitting in my castle, the cold air blows It is not a hassle, still it does not grow Waiting for years to hear through my ear A footstep by man who has no fear  I welcome him with golden orbs of light
They want a happy ending As if endings could ever be so A sparkly wedding And a “Happily ever after” Do not a happy ending grow.   A piano cannot be without black keys
Beauty and the Beast may be A tale as old as time, But when adding in apps like Tinder, we see How it fits the modern dating paradigm.   The prince spent his night Mindlessly swiping right
The clock strikes midnight and The golden girl that I've fallen for Turns away "I must go," she says and dashes down the steps before I can say a word "Wait!" I wish to say, but am too late
In a time now a memory a fair kingdom stood That was ruled by a monarch who sought for the good Throughout his dominion, both human and beast And one night, in ecstasy, brought them to feast.
Once upon a time;   The most beautiful maiden in the land,  pricked her finger- destined asleep for a cycle of seasons, was promised life by a challenger of fate.   Approaching the deadline;  
Once upon a timeI was turned into a spoon.All because my masterWas acting a buffoon. It started when a witchknocked on the castle door.She said she wanted sheltersome food and nothing more.
Me? I am but a humble troll. A homeless troll, life has taken its toll So now I have only a bridge to stroll And on each side, lie beautiful knolls   Yet the goats, those rich, fat, pompous goats
He came, I went Hiding who we are Swinging around in our façades and gowns Scared and vengeful to the world   We stopped Delighting in each other bliss Thinking of others in a selfish era
Princess so fair come over here, Give me a kiss that will save you life. Prince so cute where are you? Give me a kiss that will save my life. We are beautiful , You are bubblegum pink,
What if Snow White’s skin wasn’t pale as snow?   But instead, a rich mahogany polished and refined and given a chance
Who said that every princess needs a prince? Who said they need to share a true love’s kiss? Whether it be Disney’s or the Grimm’s, These are all stories people tend to miss.  
Once upon a time there was a force to be reconded with. Her personality never switched nor flipped it just adjusted to the people her life hit. This girls name was Wendy and as such she flowed.
All fairy tales start with “Once upon a time” And end with “And they lived happily ever after.”   As a child, I believed that’s how life worked That once you find your prince charming
Ice is cold and hard and bitter.  Just like its Queen. Ice makes for poor company, and so its Queen was alone. Dancing the storms, she saw a child with ice
I am past the unbridled nature of humankind, That which rises from the soft ground below me, Men drawing straws from the thicket like pencils, In hopes of writing the next chapter in my story.
The wizard walked the winding way, Smooth stone sliding in his hand. His mischief might have come to pass, Had fate not fearlessly intervened.   The traveler tripped and tossed his stone,
Dragons are so cruel, As mean as they could be. At least, thats what the world decided, but it's not the case for me!   I need to edit the storybooks, since they've forgot an important part.
Fairy Tales Are written about princesses With magic and love. But people forget about those who don’t get happy endings.
Once upon a time, There were these magical fairy tale creatures and such, Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio are fine, More was to come, but that was the bunch.   There was a table with juice cups,
One fine day in village keep A boy so young and free, Went out into the forest deep  To play amongst the trees.   And when he cried out "wolf!" if sacred The people came to aid,
The Little Match Girl was dead And she knew it. Because when she lit her match No Wind blew it. The Little Match Girl was dead And that was good. Because when she was alive She had no hood.
She had studied for the SAT's. Of course she passed with these ease. Cinderella knew that now the next step, Was to find a way to finance her way through college and prep
I don't know why I did itMaybe I was afraid?But to send my kids away for goldWas not a fair trade. I don't know why I did itBut what a fool of meTo think her money was worthThis awful tragedy.
I can measure my life in moments: Before and after and when. When I realized that my parents weren’t google and God combined, And, no matter how hard I searched, I’d never find an adult who could fix anything,
Once upon a time there was a maiden living in a tower  She lived in a tower with her hair falling into a heap under her feet She lived in a tower in a long white dress
than once there was a father  and so he had a son  but only ever after  when he settled down  so once there was a father  he went on many journeys  and only when this man came home 
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Over the hills and through the woods,  by the bank of the creek, Little Red Riding Hood stopped to take a drink. The water was scummy and warmish and slow,  and on the bank, red mushrooms did grow. 
"You were born on a cold winter day" Jack's mother whispered The story of my history My story His story. Stories had been written and burned and published and rejected
Bye, Pinocchio. “How does he create matter?” He’s in 51.
Oh dear sweet Alice, Pure heart of white roses. The queen is coming for you With all the king’s horses.   You seem ill Alice. Are you feeling alright? Didn't your mother ever warn you
Never Got Out of the Tower  I watched through my windowall the birds fly by. I wish I could join them but I was locked up so high. I have been here for more than 20 years.It has been yearssince Mother came.She left one day for bread. All I remembe
It was a cloak, Not a hood, And my sweets were More than “good.”   And traversing the forest All on my own?
You know the Cinderella tale, How a peasant became a princess. But do you know what might have happened  If the Fairy Godmother had not appeared? What if Cinderella never went to the ball?
My childhood ended at six years old.Nothing would ever again feel secure.My very bed was even tainted,Soiled by the skin of a towheaded creatureThe likes of which I’d never seen before.
Sorrow comes in peculiar ways. The father kneels next to his motionless son, icy tears rolling down as he grips an icy hand.
Poetry found mewhere darkness embodied my soul.When all my bad deeds refused to allow me to seek forgiveness,Poetry found me.
Each beat of my heart brings eternal joy Every time you’re near you consume my mind As we slowly walk the path of the line I love thee to infinity and beyond, Like Hades passion for Persephone
Burning, burning rose alight, Why do you being pain and sorrow tonight? While the clock strikes midnight As each petal crunches in my hand; Little drops of blood splashes,
Gently eyes, kind heart O I wish a pawn a star With each passing moment my heart flutters alight; His smile shines brighter than all the stars combined As whimsical music flows out through the night
The last of the gentle breeze rushes through the strands of my hair As it transforms into the pitter and patter of rain drops on my forehead Causing the warm rays of sunlight to seep into my pores
Windows to the otherwhere Where the folk are fey and fair Oh, you mortals all beware, Beware the fair-folk’s call   Beauties bright around you blaze
I sit upon the story book. (The walls they shudder, the house it shook.) The pages are yellow, the cover is aged. (The window’s emblazoned-the storm is enraged.) The story is familiar, my memories wake.
Once, there was a little girl
I used to dream in fairy tales
My words are MY power, MY Strength and wisdom I make these words sing off my lips to utter them to another time in HISTORY From knowing My time in History.
 The odds of surviving might be rear But when instinct kicks in you would know it is near God in his tending power and care  Would never leave you to snare The clouds might be dark right here
White walls. While I sit on my bed and look around the room, Wishing I could clean up all my mistakes with a broom, Wiping my tears knowing I’m going behind bars, What was my reason for stealing these cars?
There are times like these
Lady Luck, often spoken of but never heard, often felt but never seen. She drifts among the shadows as the people walk in the light. Placing her hand here and there, changing outcomes everywhere.
Unicorn and Dragon, Water to heal, Soul refreshed.   Girly, Childish, But so beautiful.   This Lurked within me This Let me heal.  
Fairytales A jack-in-a-box waiting to be cranked A wand waiting to grant a wish A tutu to cover the too, too many handprints on her legs Twirling around endlessly like the ceiling fan above her head Around a train track, a train that is missing a
Beauty & the Beast It all happened pretty much the way you heard it. Faster than I can even remember There was a kiss in the rain then music and a change. Then he was a king
Stop Wait Listen Did I ever tell you, about the laughing Jester? The one who lets his jokes fester? Or the girl with the stars in her eyes the one who left under October skies?
The best fairy tales all start the same, with once upon a time.  They ebb and flow. They twist and turn and sometimes even rhyme.  But maybe what makes them so special is not the stories themselves, 
Friends are always leaving me, that's what friends are for All these windows keep on closing as they're walking out the door Freshman year in high school, had two friends, to my chagrin
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