The Call

Windows to the otherwhere

Where the folk are fey and fair

Oh, you mortals all beware,

Beware the fair-folk’s call


Beauties bright around you blaze

Things not meant for mortals’ gaze

Beyond your skill to give them praise

But do not heed their call.


At their table be you fed,

Passing far your mortal bread,

Come and sup with them instead

Now will you heed their call?


Forgeting all your mortal woe

Like the faeries laughing go

No more do you troubles know

Now answering the call


You are mortal, they are not

Entertainment’s all they sought

Now not spared a second thought

Still caught within their thrall.  


Oh you mortals one and all,

Stray not from your earthly halls,

Heed me now ere you shall fall

And beware the fair-folk’s call.


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