Never Got Out of the Tower

Never Got Out of the Tower  I watched through my windowall the birds fly by. I wish I could join them but I was locked up so high. I have been here for more than 20 years.It has been yearssince Mother came.She left one day for bread. All I remember from that daywere crossbow fires and screams.I never saw mother againand it's been longer than it seems. I have waited here for what feels like eternity.I have read fairy talesOf princesses being rescued by lavish princes. It has now been 40 yearssince being in this tower.I cannot risk getting down for my hair is not strong enough. I cry for help but no one hears me.I sit by the windowhoping someone will see me. It has now been 60 years and I'm not getting any younger. I saw my reflection all wrinkled and decaying. I have faced reality that no prince will save me.I am too hiddenand no one is here but me. I have decided that today is the day.I wipe my tearsand throw my pain away. I stepped off the window sill and ended the pain. 


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