Lost Soul

Once upon a time there was a force to be reconded with.

Her personality never switched nor flipped

it just adjusted to the people her life hit.

This girls name was Wendy and as such she flowed.

With skin that glowed, and a beautiful smile when shown.

Even with all of that in her life she felt she never truly got the spotlight,

so when a boy came to the window one night she decided of course to take flight.

This would be her chance at not romance 

but the chance to advance

in life, in power, in it all.

As she flew through the sky, for Neverland she would fall.

Through the whispering clouds and the blazing sun she heard the call.

At the moment it was just young boys. 

Boys whom had never had the opportunity to enjoy

what a girl could do, it was like surface noise.

So strange, yet comforting was the young gal in their world.

The world that would soon be whirled.

Upon the arrival of new company, a weight settled in this new place.

This weight would soon help chaos activate.

In the meantime, the new friends grew close

with trust, love, and fun beginning to grow.

They cooked, slept, and trained as a unit

all moving together. If anything was to be done they could do it.

Even the magical creatures living around did their part.

Our lovely Wendy Darling made sure she was a sweetheart,

of which was at the heart of all activities to start.

That earlier weight then jumped into action stealing the precious family they built.

The boys and Wendy were taken from peter but he maked sure his faith was never kilt.

In the process of feeding this weight of hook to the crocc,

Peter wins his family back which is of no shock.

With their return to the home they share, the creatures flutter.

The plants dance and the skys shout thier rhythms of slick slurrs.

Everything goes as dear Wendy planned

and the most important part is about to began.

In the midst of the celebrating Peter shows Wendy Neverland's secret.

The secret pit of dreams and its hypnotizing orbit.

She is told the pit can make anything happen and with that she dives in.

The water welcomes her like a jacket or maybe like a second skin.

When completely drowned in the water she thinks of her wish.

With a swish and a mix, the powers do thier job and make a grand finish.

As she reaches the surface she can feel the worlds change.

Everythings been rearranged and exchanged.

Her wish to be in control is complete 

as she is the new leader of the lost kids and the lost world retreat.

See, Wendy was indeed a good girl who was very sweet

but what she really wanted was a deal that could not be beat.

She made it so that Neverland was a place for all who were rejected by the world.

Spirits of the young, both boys and girls.

Now, it can thrive as a peaceful place that focuses on being young.

You may only be accepted if your soul speaks the tongue

of those who refuse to be suffocated by adult ideals.

Wendy, the girl who knows how it feels

to not be able to breath but instead be concealed.

Left her life behind and took over a land where it could be done.

Now she is ruler and she is matched by none.




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Hope this is a great read for someone needing a little adventure : )

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